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Delivering Better Outcomes for Patients Starts with Creating a Workplace Where all Colleagues Can Thrive

By Ahmed Elhusseiny | Roche Pharmaceuticals, Area Head, Asia Pacific

Much like the healthcare environment in Asia Pacific, Roche is rapidly evolving. We are transforming our organisation to fulfil a bold ambition of... Read More >>

Amgen is a Company that Cares about People, I Feel Genuinely Listened to Here

By Jason Rudd | Amgen, Statistical Programming Manager

The title of this article comes from an Amgen LinkedIn post I was featured in... Read More >>

Inspiring the Next Generation at Bristol Myers Squibb

By Elizabeth Jurica | Bristol Myers Squibb, Principal Scientist

When she was a child, Elizabeth Jurica would visit her mother at work and was always impressed by what she saw. Her mom, an analytical chemist, was... Read More >>

A Great Working Atmosphere, Strong Collegial Relationships, and Opportunities to Grow at Lonza

By Vijetha Bhat | Lonza, Houston,Texas, Scientist, Research and Development

Enabling a Healthier WorldTM. For many of us working in the medical and biotech field, this expression gives us our purpose, and defines the reason... Read More >>

At Bayer We Foster an Environment of Openness and Understanding Not Pity

By Jürgen Schrapp | Bayer, Head of R&D Procurement

How I got to start working for BayerWith this article I want to talk about my personal story at Bayer showcasing how much I have experienced... Read More >>

The Best Thing About Evotec, Without Question, Is The People

By Stuart Flanagan | Evotec, Group Leader

It is often said that an organisation is only as strong as the people who work within it. But what does “strong” mean in this context? To me,... Read More >>

At Boehringer Ingelheim, I am a Molecular Architect…

By Alexander M. Haydl | Boehringer Ingelheim Germany, Head of Late-Stage Development Laboratory and Product Owner of Digital Process Development

Personal and Career Development from then to nowI am a Boehringer Ingelheim associate. The herein described view expressed in this article is my own... Read More >>

We Support each other to Develop and Grow at Novartis

By Jennifer Snyder | Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Director, Portfolio Strategy Management for Technical Research and Development Cell & Gene Therapy

I am a Novartis associate. The views expressed in this article are my own and are not endorsed by Novartis.“The greatest success we’ll know is... Read More >>

The Workplace at AstraZeneca is all about Balance

By Rebekah Martin | AstraZeneca, Senior Vice President of Reward and Inclusion

Empowering people to achieve the right balance is something I often reflect upon. Ensuring that our global workforce is equitably represented,... Read More >>

One of the Reasons I joined Organon is Inclusion and Empowerment

By Kaja Natland | Organon, Regional President, Asia Pacific & Japan

As someone who enjoyed a lengthy and varied career path, the most frequent question I’ve been asked this year is why I chose to move to a new,... Read More >>

I Feel the Pace of my Development at Lonza is Twice as Fast as Previous Jobs

By Bo Quan Tan | Lonza Singapore, Manager of Project Engineering Department

Like many, I have experienced ups and downs during my professional journey. For years, I used to focus on improving my weaknesses until I realized... Read More >>

Breaking the Bias Barrier: Bringing More Women into STEM at BMS

By Teresa Foy | Bristol Myers Squibb, Sr Vice President Immuno-Oncology and Cellular Therapy

As a female scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), my path to success was not without its challenges. From the time I first turned on a television... Read More >>

From Manager to Leader, How to Make this Journey Effectively

By Galym Dauletbakov | Takeda, Business Operations Head UCC

I was born in Kazakhstan, and I live and work in the cultural and financial capital – the city of Almaty. The name Almaty translates in to ‘city... Read More >>

Talent in Asia Pacific post COVID-19

By Francis Van Parys | Cytiva, Vice President Commercial Asia Pacific

The Biotechnology industry is experiencing a renaissance, accelerated by the advancements of artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering... Read More >>

Shaping the Future with Merck – Curious Minds Dedicated to Human Progress

By Rajeev Nair | Merck, Senior Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific - Research Solutions

Curiosity and courage is the foundation of Merck from the time our company was established more than 350 years ago. We have faced various challenges... Read More >>

Winning Big in a Small Company

By Carolyn Carroll | SwanBio Theraputics, Chief People Officer, Winners of 2021 Life Sciences Pennsylvania Emerging Company of the Year

Every person’s career journey is unique. About 18 years ago, I was given the opportunity to help pilot an R&D “start-up” organization... Read More >>

For Building Trust and Credibility in the Pharma Industry, Communications will always be Key

By Ismail Al-Ghussein | Takeda, Head of Communications, ICMEA

Transparent communications around the pharmaceutical industry's commitment to putting patients first are more important than ever Since being... Read More >>

My Career Journey with MSD

By Andreas Daugaard Jørgensen | Organon at MSD, Appointed, AVP and Commercial lead SEA Cluster

When I on a December evening back in 2012 got the offer to join MSD in Denmark as a Health Economist, I had no idea, what a whirlwind of a career... Read More >>

Make it Count, Build Memories and Inspire Impact!

By Ashish Pal | MSD, Managing Director, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Cluster

As a pharmacist, I started my biopharmaceutical career in Brand Marketing with Pfizer India, shortly thereafter choosing to pursue an MBA in the... Read More >>

Why Pfizer UK is one of Britain’s Top Employers

By Ben Osborn | Pfizer, UK Country Manager & Managing Director

I started my career at Pfizer back in 1998. A recent graduate from Leeds University with a BSc in Sports Science and Physiology, my first role was... Read More >>

The Importance of Woman Leaders at Merck KgaA Darmstadt, Germany?

By Eileen Martin | Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, we deeply believe that a diverse workforce – combined with an appreciative and motivating corporate culture –... Read More >>

Why Hiring Local is Important at MSD

By Zwelethu Bashman | MSD, Managing Director SA & SSA

I started my journey in the Pharma industry in 2006 at Schering-Plough. I fulfilled roles in sales and product management. Coincidentally at the... Read More >>

Building a Career in Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics at Takeda

By Natalie Hosea | Takeda, California Site Head & Head of DMPK in San Diego

After 16 wonderful years at Pfizer, I joined Takeda overseeing the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) group. This new role was both a... Read More >>

Inspiring Careers in Pharma: Diversity and Inclusion Driving Business at MSD

By Deepak Khanna | MSD, President Human Health, Europe & Canada

If you would ask people you know what is one of the most important things for them right now, I’m quite sure many of them would answer... Read More >>

Diverse and Inclusive Culture Empowering Women Leaders is the Key to our Innovation and Growth

By Peggy Wu | Abbvie, Vice President Asia

A corporate culture that embraces diversity and inclusion ultimately links to corporate performance. McKinsey’s Diversity Matters report reveals... Read More >>

Empowering AstraZeneca Women Employees to Lead Successfully in the Future

By Rasha AbouNayef | AstraZeneca, Gender Diversity Project Lead MEA

It’s evident that women make up a big part of the workforce in the pharmaceutical industry. Women not only play important roles across the... Read More >>

Best Practices to Leverage Global Experience into Local Markets

By Mahender Nayak | Takeda, Senior VP/Head of ICMEA Region (India, Turkey, CIS countries, Middle East and Africa)

Originally from India and a physician by profession, I first started my post-internship training in emergency medicine after graduating from... Read More >>

The Importance of Training Talent

By Fernando Borras | Takeda, Business Operations Head Middle East

Fernando and his journey at TakedaOriginally from Valencia, Spain, I moved to Dubai's sunny shores in July 2019, to join Takeda as Head of Business... Read More >>

My International Career at Roche

By Jörg Rupp | Roche, Head of Roche Pharma International (I7)

Patients and people are at the centerI started my career at Roche more than 35 years ago, as a student of a bachelor’s program in business... Read More >>

Developing and Nurturing Talent at Merck Greece

By Susan King-Barnardo | Merck Group, Manging Director – Greece

My journey with Merck started 10 years ago when I joined Merck South Africa in Johannesburg as the Product Manager for the Diabetes portfolio, I... Read More >>

Our Commitment to Woman in STEM at Janssen

By Emmanuelle Quiles | Janssen, Europe, Middle East & Africa, President France

In France, women represent only 29% of graduates from engineering schools. As a Biotech Engineer, I am one of them, but when I started my career, I... Read More >>

Developing Female Leaders at Bristol Myers Squibb – Combining Corporate Resources and Personal Mentorship to Unleash Our Potential

By Soo Bang | Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vice president, Enterprise Integration Lead

As we look back on 2020, I am in awe of how much we have accomplished at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), especially when it comes to creating a positive... Read More >>

Career and Talent Development in Advanced Markets at Roche Diagnostics in Asia Pacific

By Agnes Ho | Roche Diagnostics, Head of Sub-Region Two, Developed Growth Markets, Asia Pacific

I began my career in the healthcare industry in 1985 – first at the Hematology & Blood Bank department at the National University Hospital... Read More >>

Woman in Leadership at Roche

By Brigid Waite | Roche, Deputy Medical Director – Strategic Partner Chapter Lead, Medical Affairs

A lightbulb momentI was sitting in a meeting room last week with some peers and we got talking about how long we have been at Roche. When it was my... Read More >>

Mentoring and Leadership at Biogen Czech Republic

By Michaela Hrdlickova | Biogen, Director Patient Advocacy Europe/Canada/Partner Markets, SMA

I have been involved in the pharmaceutical industry since 1995. Between 2010–2017, I was Country Director of Biogen, Czech Republic. Since 2011, I... Read More >>

How I Use Leadership Lessons to Help Develop Talent at Merck Group

By Anand Narasimhan | Merck Specialties Pvt LTD, Managing Director

For me, being a true leader is very close to my heart and I believe I’m still learning. Reflecting on some memories from my school days, I... Read More >>

Building a Magnet for Talent at Sanofi

By Pius S. Hornstein MSc PhD | Sanofi, General Manager & Country Lead

Having spent my career working across various cultural settings, from headquarters, countries in the Middle East, US, Europe, Latin America, as well... Read More >>

De-Bunking Five Common Myths of Mentorship

By Teri Lawver | Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Global Vice President, Immunology, Global Commercial Strategy Leader

Years ago at an industry conference, I was preparing for a panel discussion on biotech leadership when one of my co-panelists casually remarked,... Read More >>

Unleashing the Power of a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace at Pfizer

By Antonio Bebba | Pfizer, Diversity & Inclusion Council Europe Member

‘We are committed to diversity and inclusion’. It’s so easy to say, and with sincerity, but unless this statement is backed up with action, it... Read More >>

Mentoring as a Way of Being: Development of Biotech Talent at Roche

By Eva McLellan | Roche, Head of Business Strategy, Transformation & Innovation, Belgium

How do you define mentoring? What is the impact mentors at Roche have played on your career?I have a very personal, intimate and powerful connection... Read More >>

Lilly’s LGBTQ Employee Experience: Enhancing with Empathy

By Jonathan Scott | Eli Lilly, Digital Strategy Manager, Corporate Affairs and Communications & Chair Emeritus of the Lilly Pride employee resource group

Here at Lilly, inclusion is woven into the fabric of our work. It’s not an isolated segment of what we do – it’s who we are. That extends to... Read More >>

“The New Normal” at TEVA

By Richard Daniell | TEVA Pharmaceuticals, EVP – Head of Europe Commercial

This year has seemed particularly dystopian with the disruption created by the COVID19 pandemic. In Europe we are still in the second wave as we are... Read More >>

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders at Pfizer

By Andy Schmeltz | Pfizer, Global President & General Manager, Oncology

When I think about the next generation of leaders in the workforce today, I often think of the seismic shifts these twenty and thirty-somethings... Read More >>

Talent in the MENA Region at Janssen: How We Bring Diversity & Inclusion to Life

By Ana Raposo | Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of J&J, Country Director, Gulf Countries

I have been the Country Manager for the Gulf countries (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain) for Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson &... Read More >>

Company Culture and Working Dynamic at Roche Belgium

By Brigitte Nolet | Roche, General Manager, Belgium

Transforming a company begins and ends with its culture  Brigitte Nolet is General Manager for Roche Belgium and Luxembourg since December... Read More >>

How We Support our LGBTQI Colleagues at Sandoz and Novartis

By Inge Maes | Sandoz, Global Head of People and Organisation

Twenty years ago, at the start of my career as a newly minted veterinarian in my native Belgium, I did not know... Read More >>

At Roche, Our Passion Meets Our Purpose

By Kara Brotemarkle | Roche, General Manager, Philippines

A Journey of Continuous GrowthI have a confession; I initially didn’t plan to be at Roche for very long! Like many people fresh out of their... Read More >>

Achieving Gender Equity Begins by Looking Beyond Gender

By Noora Alsagoff | MSD, Head, Human Resources, Asia Pacific

Imagine growing up and constantly hearing that you should be a teacher. While you recognize that it’s an honourable profession, you are... Read More >>

How Biocon Academy Has Turned Raw Talent Into Potential Industry Professionals

By Ramgopal Rao S | Biocon Academy (Biocon), Academic Manager

Biocon Academy - Genesis and ObjectiveStarted by Biocon in 2014 as a corporate social responsibility initiative and centre of excellence for... Read More >>

Merck Group’s Internal Management and Leadership Program

By Lev Goldin | Merck Group, Director, Global Cardiovascular, Metabolism & Endocrinology Franchasie

Since joining Merck in 2013, I have had a variety of experiences, learnings and development opportunities. Some of them were crucial to gain a... Read More >>

Leadership Lessons for the Next Generation of Leaders at Merck Group

By Boon Huey Ee | Merck Group, General Manager Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau

Having worked in the Healthcare industry for more than 2 decades, I am blessed to have identified my goals and aspirations at the very early stage... Read More >>

The Next Generation of Biopharma Talent at Novartis Turkey

By Avinash Potnis | Novartis, Managing Director, Turkey

I am always excited to explore the depth and diversity of the generations, especially how their ecosystem has shaped their thought process. In my... Read More >>

Gender Equality at Takeda

By Dina EL Salmy | Takeda, ICMEA Head of Portfolio Management Growth & Emerging Markets Business Unit

Starting in the pharma industry some twenty years ago in Egypt, I have been fortunate enough to gain a significant amount of experience over my... Read More >>

Trust in the time of COVID-19: Why a Culture of Trust is crucial to persevere through and emerge from crisis at Takeda Asia Pacific

By Thomas Willemsen | Takeda, Area Senior Vice President Asia Pacific (APAC)

The COVID-19 pandemic has upturned the lives of communities, businesses and economies around the world. As these unprecedented times persist,... Read More >>

International Careers at Pfizer

By Deb Mangone | Pfizer, Country Manager and Managing Director Finland

Some people know what they want to be when they grow up by the time they are 5 years old. For me, I’m still figuring that out, but that’s part... Read More >>

Inspiring Leadership at MSD – MSD’s First Female Regional President in APAC

By Dorthe Mikkelsen | MSD, President Asia Pacific

“People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci We are... Read More >>

My International Career at Merck Group

By Schalk Opperman | Merck Group, Managing Director & General Manager Croatia & Slovenia

I have been with Merck for about 20 years, covering several countries and spanning two continents. The main reason why I have been able to stay with... Read More >>

From Science to Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion – My Journey at Sandoz

By Stefanie Nickel | Sandoz, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

At a mid-point in my career, I feel incredibly lucky to have had the working with many wonderful colleagues in very different jobs ranging from... Read More >>

My Key Leadership Lessons During COVID-19

By Andre Musto | Merck Group, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Cardiovascular Metabolism & Endocrinology Franchise

Earlier this year, in the midst of the pandemic, I changed roles from the Regional Vice President of APAC and took on my new role as the Senior Vice... Read More >>

How IPSEN Has Transformed for its Employees During COVID-19

By Regis Mulot | Ipsen, Executive Vice President & Chief HR Officer

Ipsen’s raison d’être is simple: patients depend on our innovative medicines and our mission is to provide them. Working as we do in areas of... Read More >>

Cultural & Organizational Transformation At MSD

By Ashish Pal | MSD, Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia

The global pandemic is challenging leaders and their organizations to reaffirm their purpose and reimagine their operating model. In fact, in so... Read More >>

Why People are the Bedrock of Roche’s Transformation Journey

By Rachel Frizberg | Roche, Area Head APAC, Pharma International

Healthcare is an industry where nothing stands still. New technologies, changing patient demographics, economic shifts, and the ongoing global... Read More >>

What it Means to be Inspired, Curious and Unbossed at Sandoz

By Emilio Rubio, Ph.D. | Sandoz, Head ERC, SIR|Ethics|Risk|Compliance

When people ask me about my joining experience at Sandoz, I often describe myself as a “COVID hire”. After all, I started with Sandoz on May 1,... Read More >>

Why Giving Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing is Important…

By Arleen Paulino | Amgen, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

To be successful in manufacturing requires the ability to integrate across multiple disciplines of science and engineering with a capability to... Read More >>

Eli Lilly and Company: Where Diversity and Inclusion Are a Business Imperative

By Joy Fitzgerald | Eli Lilly and Company, Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Joy Fitzgerald, Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer pictured with Steve Fry Vice President Human Resources at Eli Lilly As the... Read More >>

The Hispanic Promise: Reflecting the Face of Modern America

By Nanette Cocero, Ph.D., MBA | Pfizer Vaccines, Global President

In August, Pfizer became a signatory of The Hispanic Promise, a first-of-its-kind national pledge to hire, promote, retain, and empower Hispanic... Read More >>

Innovation and Learning Culture at Genentech: A Personal Perspective

By Andrew C Chan, MD PhD | Genentech, Inc, Senior Vice President - Research Biology

In biopharma, we are faced with the problem of understanding human disease well enough to intervene for patient benefit.  Due to the complexity... Read More >>

How to Influence People When Nobody is Looking…

By Richard Saynor | Sandoz, CEO

There was a saying in the banking sector at the time of the (last) financial crisis that “culture is what happens when nobody’s... Read More >>

Merck’s Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

By Mansi Raythatha | Merck, Associate Director, NA & EU Program Lead - Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

The college graduation celebrations and joyful sounds of (virtual) cheers have come to a close, and you're gearing up to start the beginning of your... Read More >>

The Mission in Motion: People, Science and Passion

By Nicholas J. Amato | Moderna Therapeutics, Senior Scientist, in Vitro Biology

“To deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicine for patients”. This mission statement,... Read More >>

Diversity as a Key Success to Biopharma

By Ritu Shrivastav | Gilead Sciences, Senior Director HR

“We all should know that diversity makes a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter... Read More >>

A Pandemic Brings With It The Promise of What’s Possible.

By Bill Anderson | Roche Pharmaceuticals, CEO

For seven months now, my colleagues have been working tirelessly to fight COVID-19 and ensure we continue to deliver medicines and new advances for... Read More >>

Diversity and Inclusion: It’s Good for Business

By Celeste Warren | Merck, Vice President Global Diversity & Inclusion COE

When we look at the pharmaceutical and biologics industry, we know that there are parts of the world where patients are becoming more... Read More >>

My Career at TEVA – Physical Characterization

By Maša Rajic Linaric | PLIVA, Manager Physical Characterisation

Maša Rajic Linaric is an associate director at R&D TAPI Physical Characterization, researching solid-state active substances. Here, she reveals... Read More >>

3 Tips for Advancing Your Biotech Career

By Bill Mezzanotte | CSL Limited, Executive Vice President, Head of R&D and Chief Medical Officer

The biotechnology industry, and in particular R&D, is fundamentally about hope. Hope for patients and for the company that you work for. It is... Read More >>

Starting a Movement Through Internal Business Influence at Pfizer

By Jane Finch | Pfizer, Quality Assurance Specialist & Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Through a combination of personal circumstances, transferrable skills and fortunate timing I have been able to start a movement in Pfizer’s UK... Read More >>

Leading with Impact Through Storytelling

By Robyn Shumer | Johnson & Johnson, Associate Director Bridges – Talent Development & Leadership Development Program

Do you ever have complicated data to share with a diverse audience?  Maybe you create detailed, colourful tables and charts that get deeply... Read More >>

Biotech Lights Passion for Improving People’s Lives

Penny Wan | Amgen, Regional Vice President & General Manager JAPAC

Taking on Challenges that Matter, Career in Life Sciences Opportunity to Help People Live Better Lives Penny Wan didn’t always plan on a career... Read More >>

Building Highly Effective Analytics Teams

By John K. Thompson | CSL Behring, Global Head Of Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

John K. Thompson, Author of Building Analytics Teams and Global Head of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Currently, I am the Global... Read More >>

Driving Inclusiveness, A Journey or Destination? Reflecting on our Story in MSD Indonesia

By George Zaki | Associate Vice President of Oncology for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

Ideally, the only diversity question to be answered would be about the best strategies to achieve an inclusive workplace – one where talent... Read More >>